HONGYI JIG Rapid Technologies is one the India’s top Product design and development companies having rich experience in mould manufacturing, Prototyping, mock-ups , Injection Molds, Over Molding Molds, Double Color Molds. It has a strong presence in Hong Kong, India, North America, United Kingdom and Germany. We help our clients to make their organisations a brand through their quality products which we offer. We provide tooling, Product design , Automotive Injection moulding and Rapid prototyping services. We take care of the seamless transition from the inception of design to the final product. We are a solution for those who are in search for a one stop for all their problems ranging from design research, strategy, innovation, Product design , engineering , product management. We give our best product design consultancy services to our clients.

We have a long experience of 20 years in Product design, R&D and manufacturing in different segments of Industries through Reverse engineering and forward engineering. We have handled 2400 mould projects and 1800 consultancy projects in
• Home appliances
• IT appliances and Enclosures
• Electronic Enclosures
• Medical Enclosures
• Automotive Head/Tail Lamps
• Automotive Parts/Mirrors
• Caps and Bottle Enclosures
• Helmets and Riding Products

We take care of the complete project cycle from the day one till we deliver you the complete project by our user centric approach. We believe in On-Time Delivery of Project and we always keep our client updated about progress of phases of cycle of product development. Client’s every concern is our concern. We constantly strive to bring the right curve on your face.