In HONGYI JIG, we have a long experience of product design, R&D and manufacturing in different segments of Industries through Reverse engineering and forward engineering. Please visit our Portfolio to see some of our case studies.


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Head Lamp – Motorbike – Passion Pro

Reverse Engineering, Includes 3D scanning and modelling on point cloud data, Focus Testing & analyses for Reflector, Aluminium Prototype for Focus Test, Tooling – Injection moulds, Lead Time: 35 Days for T1, Part Material: PC Mould Material: 718H

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Ventilator Medical Mask

Concept Design Prototyping Design reviews Testing & Approvals Tooling – Injection Moulds / LS Moulds / Compression moulds Sampling and Testing High Production supplies

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Tail Lamp

CAD data provided by customer, Tool design Tooling – Double moulding Injection moulds Hot Runner Tip: Yudo (Korea) Core Ration through moulding machine Mould Life 1 million shots Cavitation L+R Lead Time for T1: 70 Days  

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Travellers Tooth Brush

Concept Design, Product Styling, Engineering Details, Design review to moulding, Mock Up- Prototyping Part Material: BR003 with over moulding of TPE Tooling Type: Indexible Core pulling / Rotational Core for over moulding Mould life 15 Million shots Mould Material: S135 (Stavax) Number of Moulds: 13 (multi cavities) Lead Time: 50 Days

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Water Purifier

Industrial Product Design, Detailed engineering, Mock up & Functional Prototype, Injection Moulds manufacturing, Mould Trials and Batch Production, Part Material : ABS, Mould Material : 718H Mould Life 400,000 shots

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Rear Mudguard – OEM

Reverse Engineering & 3D modelling, Tooling , Part Material : PP, Mould Material 718H, Mould Life 5,00,000 Shots

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Head Light – Motorbike-Platina

Reverse Engineering, Focus Analyses, Aluminium prototype for focus test, Injection Mould for Lens and reflector, Part Material – Lense: PC / Reflector: ABS Mould Material: P20 / 718H Mould Life: 4,00,000 shots

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Water Purifier -Gravity Type

Industrial Product Styling, Engineering, Mock / Functional Prototyping, Engineering detailing, Tooling – Injection Moulds manufacturing, Mould trials and Testings, Assembly check and Trouble shootings, Batch production before mould shipment

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Ski Goggles

Product Design Lens & Frame Part material Lense: PC / Part Material Frame TPE 40 Shore A, Functional Prototype in TPE only, Injection mould with 6 sliders with critical matching area Mould life 600,000 shots Mould material H-13 Lead Time 50 Days

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Desert Cooler

Product Styling, Industrial Product Design, Product Engineering, Assembly stack ability, Mock Up & Prototype Tooling Injection Moulds Trials and Assembly Tests Part Material: PP/ABS Mould Material: P20 / 718H Mould Life 5,00,000 shots

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Iron – Dry

Industrial Product Design, Engineering and part fitment, Mock Up and Prototyping, Part Material PP / PBT, Tooling : Injection moulds manufacturing, Total number of parts 5, First trial lead time 40 days, Mould material 718H, Mould life 1 million shots