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  • Must Able to speak English (必须能说英语)

  • Terms & Conditions (条款和条件)

    A) The Mould Trials Cost and Freight Cost of the trail samples to Hongyijig India office will be borne by supplier.(Hongjijig印度办事处的模具试验成本和货运费用将由供应商承担。)

    B) There may be more than one trails till the perfect sample is given by supplier, so the cost of all the trails and the freight cost to Hongyijig India Office of the trail samples will be borne by supplier.(由供应商提供完整的样品,可能会有多条路径,因此,Hongyijig印度办事处的路线样本的所有路线费用和运费将由供应商承担。)

    C)For each trial 4-5 trial samples should be sent.(对于每个试验,应该发送4-5个试样。)

    D) Mould Prices should be in FOB(模具价格应该在FOB).

    E) Any speaclal condition should be highlighted and discussed in prior to the finalisation(在定稿之前,应突出强调和讨论任何特殊情况).