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Looking for mould manufacturer from China but not sure which is the right supplier for your type of product?

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Who Will Take the responsibility of end product quality?

Does coordination & understanding become an issue?

Taking long time in expressing samples, inspection and improvisation?

Facing Mould run issues after delivery?

Free 2 Hours Consultancy and guidance to improve the execution of your engineering project worth US$1500.

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8 Horrible Mistakes you make while placing injection moulds orders to Chinese Toolmakers that can ruin your investment, delay your production and completely kill your profitability

While development from China, the biggest challenge is to save time in tool development. Your time involvement is required in discussing the mould concept, Moldflow, tool designs check, etc. You need to spend time in samples shipments and approvals through visual and dimensional inspection to conclude the tool buy off.

Tool Planning & Scheduling


How often you plan the dates but not able to deliver it on time. 

  • Are you considering only the tool making time?
  • Are you not considering the bugs solving time?
  • Are you not considering the logistics time?
  • Are you not considering the sample shipments, inspection and responding time?

Part Design 


In-appropriate part design/lose much time in part design due to Manufacturing feasibility which are considering drafts, parting lines, undercuts etc.

    • Lack of communication. 

    It is important that you and the toolmaker be on the same page.  Before beginning the project. How closely you are communicating with the toolmaker to observe your part design and analyze the design with DFM, Moldflow, Tool Design. In my other videos, I will explain to you the right approach to interacting with these analyses.

      • Tooling & Assembly

      How closely you are monitoring manufacturing progress to make sure that the process adopted “to achieve the specific features and dimensions” are appropriate and toolmaker knows about the upcoming challenges.

      • Tool Assembly 

      Some important feature I believe you must be taking care of for example 

      Hardened Ejector pins 

      Case Hardened Bush Pillars

        • Losing time After T-0

        How much time you lose in sample shipments and giving feedback for the next trial?

        • Feedback management
        • Consider how your engineers give the trial samples inspection feedback?
        • Is your toolmaker completing all the amendments in a single go or some times he also  

        Now consider if your engineer team skips one or 2 points of the amendment and then tool maker also skips to amend 1 or  2 points based on feedback then how does this impact your project timelines?

        How many trials your toolmaker usually requires to give you a 100% perfect sample.  

  • Tooling Buy off System

What is your current tooling buy off system?

Or do you have a tooling buy off System ?

Are you still dealing with the tool maintenance even after inspecting the tool before the final shipment?

We can help you with these problems, get in touch.

How Can We Help You?

As a Complete Product development Company, we offer a complete “Art to Part Solution by not only delivering the molds at your doorstep rather taking care of your product DNA, engineering, Die mold commissioning and installation support as well. 


70% Time Saving Guarantee

We Guarantee to Save your 70% development time after T-0 to tool buy off.


Tool Engineering support.

We provide complementary Part Design & Tool Engineering support.


Free Engineering Support

Free Engineering support throughout the development until mold starts production at your factory.


117 Check-Points

Tool Buy of through 117 Checkpoints physically.


Making a Difference.

We are 25 years of experience in Die Moulds Development and contributed 100+ customers over 8 countries and helped them set up in their projects worth 4000 crores of investments. We have completed more than 3000 manufacturing projects successfully worth 7000 Crores. 

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